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Heating systems

Keeping your home warm provides warmth and security. Your heating system needs to be designed to heat a home at a constant comfortable level. This is to ensure that the system is working efficiently all over the house.

Modern Heating systems allow you to create zones in a house. This allows for thermostatic control in each area. The bedrooms, living areas and hot water can all be adjusted independently to ensure the best comfort. The systems can be controlled by Smart Phone so you can turn the heat on and have a hot bath when you arrive in. No more waiting around to heat up the house.



New Builds

On a new build we will work with our clients at the design stage. In order to provide the best system we need to know the size and number of rooms. The type of boiler required and heating controls. We design and install the Heating system as the house is being built.

Retrofitting a Heating System.

This involves installing a heating system into an existing house. You may be renovating your home or upgrading the current system. A route is worked out that works best for the new system. This may involve removing carpets, floorboards, tiles and concrete. All works are agreed in advance. Although this is a large job it will have many advantages including a more efficient system and lower heating bills.


If you have any queries about heating systems please contact Foley’s Plumbing on 021 2455250 for a Free Quotation.


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