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Are you are renovating a house or upgrading a current plumbing system?

Every building has a plumbing system.This is the pipework and fixtures that carry hot and cold water around a building. It also the pipework that removes the waste water away. When you need a large plumbing carried out, you need to know that you have a professional plumber. It needs to be done right to ensure you don’t have any future problems. If you are looking to move or install a sink or bath then this is a change to your plumbing system.

If you require pipework installed for: 

  • Toilets
  • Baths
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Basins

You may be getting a new washing machine or dishwasher in the kitchen or moving the existing appliances.

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Design and Installation


If you require an upgrade to your current plumbing system to help increase the amount of hot water or increase water pressure we can help you. A new water tank in the attic is not just a case of removing one and replacing it with a new one. It requires the planning and design with the current system.

The systems that we design and install are

Replacing or installing a new hot water cylinder

Installing a booster pump for a mixer shower. The tap will not have sufficient pressure to allow the shower to work effectively. This requires installing a pump into your system and connecting the pipes to the mixer.


If you are having problems with water pressure then Aquabox is the solution. The Aquabox provides constant water in a system. Ideal for any building that has pressure problems.


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